About Us

 At Oceà we have one very simple goal: to shift the skin care industry to natural, safe, and effective ingredients that eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.

Health conscious consumers like ourselves have begun to recognize that natural products are so much better for our minds and bodies. Whether we apply them topically or consume them, this is proving to be a universal truth. We do however see resistance to this phenomenon by large corporations as natural products are more expensive to manufacture, are less scalable to the masses, and provide less of a dependency effect on consumers.

Yes, that’s right, those short-term results you get from chemically based products leave you needing more and more while the results diminish over time.

They claim that natural products are less effective, but they clearly haven’t done their research (or are in denial)!

Lucky for you we have! We’ve identified the absolute most effective and highest quality natural skin care ingredients our planet has to offer. It shouldn't be surprising to hear that most of these mysterious ingredients originate from the largest and most abundant habitat on earth, THE OCEAN!

From various Seaweeds to Algae Compounds and Ocean Minerals, the vast seas have created the most hydrating and regenerative ingredients on earth, providing all of the essential nutrients required for healthy skin.

Key word here is: HEALTH!

So we took our passion for natural ocean based ingredients and ran with it!

We worked with professionals to formulate specific combinations of land and sea extracts that produce incredibly effective short and long term improvements to skin health. We synergized these ingredients into a team of super-effective and well-tolerated team of natural products that we are immensely proud of!

Throughout this journey we have achieved even more than we ever could have hoped for. In addition to creating these wonderful products, we have also been able to integrate our core values as individual human beings into our brand.

We are 100% cruelty free, and without question have committed to never EVER testing a single product on any animal. We were shocked to find out how almost all of the large beauty brands treat animals in testing, so had to take a stand against this.

As all business should, we promote sustainability of our beloved blue planet. To do this we donate a percentage of every sale to ocean based charities. These incredible organizations are doing incredible things around the world to protect our precious oceans and the endangered marine species living within them.

We believe in fair wages for all and the highest possible quality standards for our customers. For these reason our entire formulating, packaging, and distribution processes are handled within the United States of America. We promise to never compromise standards or ethics for profits.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us 7 days a week at support@oceanaturals.com!  

Our Mission:

To empower everyone with the opportunity to live a more natural, healthy and beautiful life.

Our Vision:

To change the skin care industry to appreciate the wonderful benefits of the natural ingredients our planet has to offer.

Our Values:

Altruism, trust, philanthropy, innovation, environment, & corporate social responsibility.

Our Purpose:

To inspire the spirit of the skin care industry to focus on long-term skin health rather than short-term cosmetic results.  

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