What's In Your Skincare Fortress? By @The.Skincare.Diary

January 07, 2019

What’s in your skincare fortress? 

I have a few things, but lately I’ve been drawn to natural & @oceanaturals has quickly climbed the list.
My favorite product from them is the Ocean Mineral Eye Cream made with natural marine retinol. I’m most stoked about this eye cream because 99.9% of all eye creams I have tested out have been too harsh for my ridiculously sensitive eyes and most natural brands I’ve found don’t have an eye cream in their inventory, so this was a real win win! It’s gentle, effective, and there is no fragrance!
I’m also very pleased with the Complex Masque, like I said in my story posts, it’s purifying yes, but also includes hydrating ingredients- it doesn’t dry out on your face in two seconds! It actually took about 15 minuets before it started to crackle. Moving forward I will actually be using this mask in place of the bubble clay mask I currently use for the “how to make pores smaller” method which involves letting a bha acid sit on your face and then applying a clay mask to help purify your pores. 

The last product I tried from Ocean Naturals was the Ocean Complex Serum which is supposed to tighten/brighten skin while also delivering hydration. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve tried out this product long enough to give anything but initial thoughts which are: love the consistency, absorbs nicely, and doesn’t cause any adverse reaction. I’ll have to test out a bit longer before I speak to the tightening/brightening effects because as of now there haven’t been any immediate results.

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- Kate @the.skincare.diary

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