Eye Créme Love by @Blondeandambitiousblog

January 07, 2019

 This is one of my favorite eye creams of the moment!!

It’s natural, which is great because I’m doing my best to try to steer as natural as possible in my skincare in the coming year. This ingredient list is clean (97% natural and 70% organic) and includes a new ingredient on the market right now: Sea-Fennel Extract! Scientifically known as Crithmum Maritimum, it carries a TON of awesome benefits: softens skin, stimulates collagen formation, unclogs pores, eliminates wrinkles, reduces fine lines, promotes cell turnovers and more! This is the natural alternative to the synthetic (but effective) Retinol. 

This is not just a plant-alternative to Retinol, it is a natural upgrade! LOVE.

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